RIVETS — Drawing

War & Indstry in the “modern” times

India ink drawings: Yukao Nagemi, 2022
Music performance and composition: Open Up? Sicker Man (2017, blankrecords)

Rivets is a critique of the progressive vision of industrial development since the 19th century. The rivet which allows the assembly of sheets and beams allows the most utopian architectural and mechanical projects, such as the Eiffel Tower, but also the construction of war machines with lethal accents. As Jean Tinguely so well depicted, the machine is an ambivalent being whose power escapes us. The rivet, a harmless element, is to the machine what the pixel is to the digital image. It is its cell and DNA. Discreet, because masked and embedded, and deafening, because assembled through hammering and constraint.

Modernity and human progress, symbolized by the rivet, this assembly part prisoner of the elements it unites, is a metaphor for the worker and the soldier, interchangeable and captive parts of structures that they weld and which ignore them.

RIVETS — Animation

War & Industry in the “modern” times

Graphic animation and soundtrack: Yukao Nagemi, 2022 (soundtrack resamples Ron Bushy’s solo drum performance on Iron Butterfly track In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida)

This video reverses the roles. The rivet is featured there, and asserts itself as the syncopated force which brings together the disparate elements where it appears. The emblem of the rivet is the military aviation of the Second World War, whose paroxysmal nuclear unleashing on Japan is one of the multiple avatars of a history of warlike violence that began well before and is still ongoing. In subliminal images, engraved in our Western subconscious, appear, ghostly and haunting, visions of the horrors of war as Goya violently caricatured them in his time, and images of human slavery of “working class heroes”, on a daily basis. sometimes tragic