Ateliers portatifs

Julien Malaussena (composition), Duo XAMP (accordéon) & Yukao Nagemi(dessin performatif)

ateliers portatifs (hommage à Bernard Guerbadot) is a composition of Julien Malaussena for two microtonal accordions.
It was interpreted by XAMP (Fanny Vicens et Jean-Etienne Sotty) together with a visual performance of Yukao Nagemi at Soirée Infuse présente: eXtended accordion avec XAMP, Espace des Arts Sans Frontières (Paris) on Nov 21, 2017 (video capture Lola Ajima).
Soirée Infuse présente is organized by Nissim Schaul and Masha Lankovsky.

The visual composition was inspired by Bernard Guerbadot’s artistic world (see for example Tristan Trémeau’s article) pointed to me by Julien Malaussena. I made my own “restitution” of Guerbadot’s work in a drawing based on three vertical lines guided by the movement of train during a trip from Etampes to Guillerval (each vertical line looked similar to the profile of a sound amplitude enveloppe). I used these lines to create the visual score below which was then divided into as many areas as parts I had defined in Julien Malaussena’s piece (20). Each area is materialized by a dotted rectangle. Its surface is proportional to the length of the corresponding musical part. It is located in a zone of the drawing associated with the musical atmosphere to which it belongs (glissando, engine sound, drone, or doppler effect). The graphical content of these parts was then organized on the surface below to guide my ink on paper drawing during the performance and additional effects and automatic motions were added based on the four musical atmospheres.

The full performance capture is available on Vimeo