A String Quartet…

“A string quartet is like a flock of birds”
by Paul Novak (2021)

The video clip, based on Paul Novak’s nine meditations and dances for string quartet, is composed like a piece of music. It is played by four live graphical instruments: painting, digital drawing, automatic drawing, and a backtrack of video effects (particles, pixels, or both). The interpretation of Quatuor Lontano offers a wide range of emotions and expressions, and has been a powerful source of inspiration for this video work based on live drawing.

The graphical composition is aligned on the musical work, and takes from it, its energy, its expression, its dynamics. The theme of the birds is a constant reference in the visual under various metaphors: the flight of isolated birds or the flight of bird flocks, the birds’ silhouettes, the birds shapes… However, the visuals are abstract enough to leave space for the viewer’s imaginary, and own interpretation of the music. The clip is a carrier for aerial dreams, not a bird’s life lesson.

« A string quartet is like a flock of birds » by Paul Novak (2021)

Performed by Lontano Quartet
(« La Montagne magique » , Cascavelle, 2022)
Pauline Klaus, violin
Florent Billy, violin
Loïc Abdelfettah, viola
Camille Renault, cello

Yukao Nagemi, graphics & video editing
(c) 2023

Remerciements: Centre national de la musique, ADAMI, La copie privée