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War & Indstry in the "modern" times Rivets is a critique of the progressive vision of industrial development since the Read more
"A string quartet is like a flock of birds" by Paul Novak (2021) The video clip, based on Paul Novak's Read more
Mihail Afanasiev (Михаил Афанасьев), composer Who are the lonely awake behind these lighted windows, sometimes until very late at night? Read more
Lola Ajima (composer) Extreme cold environments appeal an imaginary of vast and hostile landscapes, silent, almost dead. Isskjutning evokes a Read more
Super Bebo (musician and composer) Super Bebo's single 'Taw Tra'Discover more of Super Bebo's music on SoundCloudMusic: Written, recorded, produced Read more
Lola Ajima (composer) The hectic life of a housewife through scenes evoking stress, frustration, anger and fear, anxiety and boredom. Read more
Lola Ajima (composer) Holes in the earth have since the beginning of mankind been considered as entries to the underworld. Read more