Lola Ajima (composer)

Extreme cold environments appeal an imaginary of vast and hostile landscapes, silent, almost dead. Isskjutning evokes a violent natural phenomenon, the collapse and overflow of ice due to gigantic tensions in the frozen matter.
Initially composed in 2017 as an acousmatic piece by Lola Ajima, Isskjutning has been later a source if inspiration for a vector video by Yukao Nagemi. Acoustically and visually, the audiovisual composition is a stroll inside atmospheres evoked by an ice tsunami, from bright and peaceful periods, to dark and violent overwhelming bursts of permafrost landslide. It reminds us another majesty of polar areas, their capacity to unleash catastrophic collapses. Perhaps, it can also awake our consideration for the possible consequences of climate changes, and the destruction of the fragile balance in these regions.
Music: Lola Ajima
Video: Yukao Nagemi