Song of Songs

Que mon bien aimé entre dans son jardin /
Således at min elskede træder ind i sin have

audio-visual performance

Sung in a mix of French and Danish, this work has taken its lyrics from the beautiful Song of Songs, an erotic and love poem within the Bible.

In Song of Songs love is portrayed as a holy search for the beloved other – a search for a reunion and connection through the other’s very physical presence and beauty, together with something more divine and deeper and maybe also a reconnection to one-self.

The subtitle of this work in English is: “So that my beloved will enter his/her garden” and is one of the sentences from the original text. There are many references to nature in Song of Songs, beautiful images of how the two lovers describe each other through precious plants and spices, different animals and experiences one can have in nature. Song of Songs could therefore, with modern eyes, look like the act of falling in love with nature again.

In general Song of Songs is full of the human senses, how things smell, taste, feel like and look like – poetically described. Some scholars say that these poems are written, or derive from the ancient Egyptian wedding poem tradition, composed by women.

All these facets of the text have inspired our creation of this audiovisual work.

The performance lasts around 45 minutes, with live digital drawing and live looping of acoustic cello and voice.

Below are three excerpts, captured on smartphone, during our concert at La Boule d’Or in Clamecy, August 2023.