Lola and Yukao Meet

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live audio-visual performance

voluspaVöluspá is a project of live audiovisual performance by the duo Lola and Yukao Meet.

Man has always been interested in knowing about the origin of the world and the destiny of humanity whether utopic, dystopian, or redemptional.

In the northern pagan religion Norse, we find Vølven. She was a sacred woman who could enter into a shamanic trance and look into the past and the future. Sometimes she had young women around her to to help her enter the trance by singing. She sat on a chair and had in her hand her special wand, while speaking out the images of the cosmological tale she saw in her trance.

In the poetic Edda, a very famous poem of one of these trances is found. It is called Völuspá and consists of 60 stanzas, which can roughly be divided into three parts. Here Vølven, on the request of Odin, one of the most well-known northern gods, describes 1) the myth of how the world was born 2) how the world is now with conflicts and challenges between the gods and how the world will succumb and then 3) a newborn world will arise again, as a circle of an ever appearing order born from chaos.

Our artistic intention is to transform Völuspá into a live digital audio-visual performance. The atmosphere will be intense, dark, expressive and the performance will be semi-narrative. We will propose a hybrid performance which will echo the ancestral myth in our contemporary concerns. The fight of the giants and gods and its disastrous effects can be paralleled with the fights between politics and economy and the potential dystopian destiny of our planet. The titans can also be seen as a prefiguration of post-humans and the highlight the blurry border between humanity, augmented perception and so-called artificial intelligence. The seeress plays a crucial role in the story, she is a medium between the human world and the divine cosmology, announcing future redemption. Is such an ending still possible today in our de-enchanted world?

We want to create a space for the audience (sitting in a half circle) to be immersed in sound by an octophonic composition and stereo live cello performance, watching the visual performance of digital enhanced drawing made live on a round “stage” on the floor guiding them through this cosmological tale, filled with drama, suspense and movements in space.

Völuspá will be produced through a residency at Chateau Ephemere from March to July 2018.

Version française

audio-visual performance — duration 30'-40'
sound and graphics: Porphyrograph / interaction: pure data