LYM @ VIDEOFORMES 2015 - March 20

VDF 2015 PAYSAGECome and see our latest work alKemi at VIDEOFORMES 2015 in Clermont-Ferrand! We will perform on Friday March 20 during the Performance night at École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Clermont-Ferrand.

Many other events will take place during the festival: Digital Lounge, Prix VIDEOFORMES 2015, Performances, Carte Blanche, Focus, Expositions, Nuit des Arts Électroniques…





residency @ Chateau Ephemere with Scenocosme "La Maison Sensible"

maison sensible 400x276We are looking forward to our residency at Chateau Ephemere with the creative artistic duo Scenocosme for an installation project called La Maison Sensible (The Sensible/Sensitive House).

We are very grateful to the Chateau Ephemere's team for hosting our residency and have special thanks for Charly who manages so professionally the hosting of the residents. We had a short visit in January for Lola's recordings and we loved the place.

The residency takes place over the last 2 weeks of February. The work will be publicly presented at the end of the residency, probably on Thursday Feb 26. We will post more details closer to this presentation. The presentation of La Maison Sensible on Chateau Ephemere website.



Creators Project blog

6b7fe746e811b3543eb01e939fa203bfExplore an Underground World of Pixel-Based Microorganisms

Our project "generative nights" has been reported in the Creators Project:

Pixels pulsate, multiply, collide, and swarm in generative nights, an audiovisual “exploration of an underground world hosted by micro-organisms that infinitely replicate” created by Lola and Yukao Meet, the duo comprised of composer Lola Ajima and graphical artist and scientist Yukao Nagemi. Inspired by cellular automata, the graphical and audio patterns of their video collaboration are meant to spark the viewers’ imaginations with images of “industrial halls, cities at night or a biologist’s lab bench,” according to the artists.

Many thanks to this medium for thier post about our work, and for all their efforts to promote the visibility of creative projects.