New project effe 2015

pic-LYM-effe.0000411 2Our brand new project effe 2015 is in the starting blocks...

Shamans, fetishes, solar birds, underwater creatures, ecstasy and prayers, archaic rituals... will lead you into ancient spirituality.

we will be working during the next months on drone loops, tribal melodies and hypnotic visuals to make you experience an unforgettable initiation journey.



Lola and Yukao Meet @ Radazik Les Ulis - Saturday December 6

nosfell-photo01-745x300-1399033237We will perform at Radazik in Les Ulis on Saturday December 6 8PM where we will be opening for Nosfell's concert.

We are very grateful to the Radazik team (JC Béchade, L Farcy, G Niakaté and L Perrocheau) for supporting our work and inviting us to this concert. Many thanks also to Arafo Marega and Salim Megloud (aka DJ Nor) of Studios Musicaux for hosting our weekly rehearsals.

We are looking forward to performing alKemi for you !!!!

alKemi selected for MusicVideoArt 2014


our last project alKemi has been selected for the festival MusicVideoArt 2014 and will be screened on December 3, 2014, 8PM at PALAIS DES BEAUX ARTS DE LILLE.

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