Vector videos

Vector video applies cartoon rendering techniques to motion videos. Vector videos can be either created by programming generative videos (Isskjutning) or by reworking video captures and add a cartoon effect (Dawn and Taw Tra). The purpose of this technique is to blur the border between drawing and real life, and immerse the spectator into a dream world with its own aesthetics.


Extreme cold environments appeal an imaginary of vast and hostile landscapes, silent, almost dead. Isskjutning evokes a violent natural phenomenon, the collapse and overflow of ice due to gigantic tensions in the frozen matter.
Initially composed in 2017 as an acousmatic piece by Lola Ajima, Isskjutning has been later a source if inspiration for a vector video by Yukao Nagemi. Acoustically and visually, the audiovisual composition is a stroll inside atmospheres evoked by an ice tsunami, from bright and peaceful periods, to dark and violent overwhelming bursts of permafrost landslide. It reminds us another majesty of polar areas, their capacity to unleash catastrophic collapses. Perhaps, it can also awake our consideration for the possible consequences of climate changes, and the destruction of the fragile balance in these regions.
Music: Lola Ajima
Video: Yukao Nagemi

Dawn (Pассвет)

Who are the lonely awake behind these lighted windows, sometimes until very late at night? This tale, about the intimacy of “ordinary lives”, describes the feverish expectation of dawn, as a release from the anxiety of the night vigil. The meditative and dramatic music beats to the rhythm of the breathing of the night lights, and gradually creates an anguish supported by the organic and mysterious images. The tension is resolved by the arrival of the saving and luminous dawn, which dispels the anxious visions of the night, but also cancels out its dark magic.
Music: Mihail Afanasiev (Михаил Афанасьев)
Video: Yukao Nagemi

Taw Tra by Super Bebo

Super Bebo’s single ‘Taw Tra’
Discover more of Super Bebo’s music on SoundCloud
Music: Written, recorded, produced and mixed by Super Bebo
Vocals: Super Bebo
Video capture: Yukao Nagemi & Super Bebo
Video editing and special effects: Yukao Nagemi
This song is dedicated to the liberation of Drafyam Droom.
© Super Bebo 2020

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