Lola and Yukao Meet

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NINE (9)


live audio-visual performance

NINE mediasNINE (9) is an ongoing flow of graphics and sound of the nine months we dwell inside the mothers womb surrounded by mysterious waters. The event of the death of a twin baby carries a strong reaction of anger, sorrow, and later redemption. It is about the period between life and death that is still a mystery.

Lola Ajima's soundscapes build on urban or industrial sounds and transform them into calm and intimate sound layers. Her bass improvisations sculpt melodies and sounds about birth, loss, fear, tenderness, and sadness.

The emotive graphics of Yukao Nagemi reflect a world of fantasies, dreams, and inner visions. They combine amorphous human shapes with strange creatures and ornamental strokes and follow the line of the sound improvisation.

Audio-graphic performance. Duration 29'09.

Some intimate and dark samples from our rehearsals of NINE (9) live performance. The samples are small parts of a longer piece.

Lola Ajima, scaphander 1

Lola Ajima, scaphander 2

Lola Ajima, lost twin



Scanner Images: Xavier Maître, Centre Inter-Etablissement de Résonance Magnétique, Imagerie par Résonance Magnétique Médicale et Multi-Modalités, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, University Paris-Sud.