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CityWalk #1 Paris


live audio-visual performance

This composition is the audio-graphical expression of a stroll in the Northern part of Paris while the sun is setting, based on urban recordings augmented with entangled lines of thoughts, moods, and imaginations inspired by the emotional sonic atmosphere.

While walking, strong mental images merge with the ambient urban sounds and underground metro humming. The voices of passersby in different languages, overlay cars and ambulances, a carousel playing old French tunes, walking foot steps and rain through the electric city light. Surrealistic emotional landscapes of human-city encounter, haunt a rainy Wednesday evening in the Montmartre area with its large, busy avenues filled with noise and passing strangers, and its old, narrow streets with cafés and small shops.

live audio-visual performance — duration 15'
sound: Supercollider / graphics: Porphyrograph

Audio sample from CityWalk #1 Paris live performance.

Part One

She is here.
Sitting in a train.
Singing iron burns the smell of Paris.
Keeping track of time.
Keeping lines of consciousness.
Not to drown.
Sitting in an ocean of faces an ocean of strangers an ocean that never opens up to me.
Waves of ears and eyes walking in and out.
He accidentally touched my hand.
A car crash crash clash of skin.
Falling black and blue.
We are all ghost sitting near you.

Part Two

Falling black, and falling blue, they say this is the city of Love. I am the Moon.
I met you here, this secret place, the corner of my eye. I am the Moon.
I want to be there when she crack, when she burst, changing skin.
She is looking for a face to stay, a place to call her home. I am the Moon and you are the Ocean that never opens up to me.
Can we meet a secret place, this rainy corner.
Remember the Spring, waiting behind white trees. A prayer, an echo, an answer.
Remember the Storm. Dwelling in fields of forgotten hopes.
Remember the Fire. Wrapped in transparency and fingertips. Never ending words of gratitude, gratitude.
Remember the Silence. The Line from your Heart to mine.
She wraps me off like Silver-paper.