Lola and Yukao Meet


live audio-visual performance

effeeffe is a live audiovisual performance by the duo Lola and Yukao Meet. effe is about shamanism, afterlife and fetishes.

It is experienced as a voyage in a supernatural world, mesmerizing and poetic.

The audio side of the performance associates vocal loops, electroacoustic compositions, and a sequencer for rhythms and samples. The visual part of effe is digitally augmented live drawing captured through a tablet or through a camera. The drawing is augmented with generative effects based on particles and cellular automata. The duo associates the most cutting edge digital technologies with ancient vocal and graphical motives into a unique postmodern art form.

effe’s plot begins with an ambivalent dressing up into a spacesuit, and a tribal face painting to connect with spiritual energies around us.

Why do birds emerge from the made-up face, call, and swirl around? Get yourselves prepared to a trip into abnormal reality! As in an ancient ceremony, a chanted poem accompanies a dance… and the digital drawing on top of the dancing body progressively entangles with energetic and expansive connections to soul and flesh.

An ecstatic ascent to the sky, a tree of life deeply connected to the subterranean forces, and lyric poetry supported by primitive drums initiate a shamanic adventure in a superhuman world.

There, twinned angels or healers take care of our wounded planet. A soothing melodic incantation transforms violence and fire into a glowing specter… who eventually turns into a flock of bird (probably our regenerated radiating souls).

Through the evocation of the otherworld, effe questions contemporary issues: Environment and the destiny of our planet, The loss of our connections with the sacred and the quest, for some of us, to regain spirituality in life.


audio-visual performance — duration 36'
sound and graphics: Porphyrograph / interaction: pure data
downloadable trailer effe video (mp4) (2'30)
downloadable portfolio effe portfolio (pdf) (en)

Version française

Reference: Mircea Eliade, Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy, trans. Willard R. Trask (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1972). Mircea Eliade: The Epilogue to "Shamanism"


Your Face - Birds soundtrack

PsychoPomp soundtrack

Temptation soundtrack