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Terrains Vagues Mirror



terrains vagues mirror is fueled by the dynamic collection of tweets illustrating spread of ideas in society that have led us to the state of emergency #stateofemergency. Each hashtag is combined with the cooccurent one, building chimera concepts soliciting the observer’s serendipity. The opposite screen displays an ambiguous animated moiré based on on-line images. The combination of polysemous word assemblages and hard to decipher images is a social antithesis to tautological works by Kosuth. The visitor is discretely reflected in the pointillist moiré multilayer image.

terrains vagues mirror combines ambiguous visuals including the reflection of the observer and chimera words built from cooccurrent tweet hashtags. This work is entitled "wasteland" because it offers a playground and a personal wandering in a polysemous space, overcrowded and noisy, and deliberately on the margin of totalitarian media messages. It is a medium for social serendipity in which everyone can discover unexpected associations from complex combinations of images or tags. We hope to provide the visitors with some power against the political and economic order allowing them to discover and develop their own interpretations of associated facts through some kind of creative activist serendipity. Like the torn posters of Hains, our digital fence of combined words and visuals provokes coincidences appropriate for a serendipitous wandering of the viewer.

French version

installation — format 1920x1080 or 2 x 1024x768
graphics: Porphyrograph  
downloadable video trailer for terrains vagues mirror (mp4) (2'21)