Yukao Nagemi Artist Statement


Yukao Nagemi's drawings are dreamlike and symbolic scenographies. Splitting space into an underground or aquatic part, dark and maternal, and a spiritual aerial part, dancing and slender bodies connect the two poles of these cosmos. Meditation or mediation, dream or fantasy, melancholy or streaming, through the fluid elements the naked bodies are bathed in a redemptive aura, but they remain however fragile and frequently fallen. Even if the themes addressed relate to the great dramas of humanity, their evocation through drawing, a vulnerable, singular, magical and evanescent appearance, does not assign them any gravity, but a touching, even disturbing intimacy. Although a priori opposed to his drawings by color, textures and dynamics, Yukao Nagemi's digital creations stem from the same dramatic and sensitive vision of the world, its aspirations and its uncertain prayers. Digital augmentation, of course, accentuates the presence of the graphisms through its performative and dynamic dimension, through the transmedial effects controlled by the music, but the symbolism remains the same and its avatars decline the same aquatic-aerial melancholy. Yukao Nagemi’s works also evoke the contemporary urban and media world, its dystopian fate, its ephemeral and fragile encounters, its atomized mechanics. Though free from a political mission, these frescos however offer an alternative look at our daily life. In the digital performances, the rivalry between manual traces and generative processes illustrates a contemporary artistic struggle to defend the force of human engagement in a mechanized and robotic universe, sometimes saturated to obfuscation.

Yukao Nagemi’s artistic research gives a central role to gesture, instant and presence in digitally augmented performative drawing. Through the collaboration with singer, musician and composer Lola Ajima, in the duo Lola and Yukao Meet, he has developed a singular practice in which performative drawing is closely linked to the temporal dynamics of music. He has also collaborated with other musicians, composers or dancers for creating collaborative audiovisual works. Digital processes are at stake, not as an end, but as a means of amplification and expressive augmentation of the graphic gesture.

Yukao Nagemi obtained a post-degree in 3D animation from ENSAD in 2004 and holds a thesis in computer science since 1991.

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Yukao Nagemi, porphyrograph --- the "electric pen", Technarte 2018, Bilbao (PDF)


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