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Idea and Direction: Lise Lønsmann

Dancer: Marika Gangemi

Director of Photography, Editing and Photos: Giacomo Corvaia 

Composition: Lola Ajima

Funded by:

Aage og Johanne Louis-Hansens Fond and Statens Kunstfond 


email: boeprz[at]

phone: +45 2614 4484

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Live looping, cello, vielle à roue, quadraphonic Read more
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lola ajima

Lola Ajima /aka Boe Przemyslak (DK)  is an electroacoustique composer and live looper.

She studied Electroacoustic composition under Christine Groult, Marco Marine and Jonathan Prager at Conservatoire de Pantin in Paris.

In 2018 she co-founded XYZ Sound Collective situated in Copenhagen (DK) that challenges the spatial experience of sound art.

Same year she co-founded Beats by Girlz Denmark, empowering girls, women, nonbinaries and transgender people by educating electronic music. In 2021 she co-founded Beats by Girlz in France as well.

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Ejection Chain Reaction



Par l’Oeil de la Cyclope Enceinte

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Note to self

Note to Self was also shown at the contemporary art museum Aros in Aalborg, Denmark. For this I composed and recorded a new soundscape, based on the ealier one, but now with the aim to be played in head phones in the Kvium room of the museum, where the dancers would make a joint coreography.

Listen to two abstracts here:



Or to the full piece here:


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