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terrains vagues wandering

audio-visual performance

terrains vagues wandering is a counterhegemonic stroll for the serendipitous discovery a train of thought to the state of emergency. Through a “reverse engineering” of social spread, the performance follows associations of ideas through hashtag cooccurrences in tweets. The messages at the bottom of the screen, the moiré visuals based on google images, and the noise track built from soundclound samples, all rely on these polysemous associated hashtags.

On top of the audiovisual noise, the graphic performance uses these “vague” spaces for creative drawing as an alternative to the hegemonic economic and political structures of space and time. The cello, alternating laments and pain, expands with the proximity of the tragic ending. Rather than adding another logic, an audio-visual poetry enters the interstices of the ambivalent information flow, well-suited for vagrancy. The bonobo accompanying the graphics sacrifices its fragile innocence of endangered species, reflecting on our own vulnerability.

audio-visual performance — duration 32'
sound/graphics: Porphyrograph / interaction: pure data
downloadable video trailer for terrains vagues wandering (mp4) (3'28)
downloadable portfolio for terrains vagues wandering (pdf) (en)

French version

Reference: Carney, Phil, and Vince A. Miller. Vague spaces. In Jansson, André, and Amanda Lagerkvist, eds. Strange spaces: Explorations into mediated obscurity, Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. (2009): 33-56.