alKemiAlchemy, once a science of metals and a philosophy of life, is now seen as the deep drives of our unconsciousness, heritage of our archaic culture and common past. Transforming silhouettes suggest the deep changes that our souls can undergo when entering the alchemical mutation.
Hot fusions and frozen cascades materialize the chemical processes that once occurred in the forges, and now take place in the deepest layers of our unconscious...
Inside us, another logic takes place. It is expressed by repeating rituals, while intertwined streams of dreams and voices bursts in a strict, yet non-transparent, order. Just to remind us how strongly we are connected to these transformations and how much they can impact our lives.

New machines were developed for audio and graphics (the Porphyrograph) to perform alKemi.

Audio-graphic performance. Duration 35'

alKemiDownloadable video (3'05): alKemi trailer

pdf download

Audio samples taken from alKemi live performance. The samples are small parts of a longer piece.
Please listen with good loudspeakers or earphones to get all the details and a good, warm cello sound!

alKemi Trailer soundtrack

følges med dig

feminine paths

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